Gerald Shepherd

About Me

My name is Gerald Shepherd, my players call me Coach Shep. I’ve been involved with sports my entire life. I’ve been coaching for over 10 years (8 years in youth sports, 2 years in high school and semi-pro.) It was brought to my attention a few years ago when my son was entering college that many athletes are not prepared for the transition to the next level when it comes to sports. Many athletes are Red shirted (have to sit out a year) even if they are recruited by the school they are attending. It is even more difficult for athletes that aren’t recruited and walk-on to a team.

A former player of mine reached out to me after the season was over in November and asked me when he could get some work in, this is what prompted me to start Bigger, Faster, Stronger Training and Development. My goal is to get every athlete the opportunity to be able to compete for a spot when the go on to the next level of play. In addition to the athletic training aspect, we will providing mental health resources as well. Being a student athlete can be very stressful especially for those athletes in college. Substance abuse, often becomes a factor and students tend to leave the sport, drop out of school or even worse. My goal is to assist and provide an outlet to prevent that from happening.